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During one month carrying out the campaign “Drive home safe with Bridgestone” at Mien Dong bus terminal and Mien Nam truck terminal, over 2,500 reflective sets and safety handbooks were given to truck and bus drivers, far beyond Bridgestone expectation. Recently, Bridgestone Vietnam continued this campaign in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province.

Within two days from 21 to 22 July, every truck coming to Fleet Point Tin Nghia, 21 Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Buon Ma Thuot City, was equiped with the reflective set to enhance the vehicle identification. Moreover, Fleet Point Tin Nghia also came to the truck and bus stations in the region to directly hand over the reflective sets to each driver.

Being the first company running this campaign nationwide in Vietnam, Bridgestone aims to limit traffic accidents during night time when vehicles stop on road sides or travel in foggy weather, low vision, etc.

Mr. Truong Hoang Minh - Planning and Marketing Director of Bridgestone Vietnam shared: “We are so excited when the campaign of providing reflective sets for truck and bus received very good response from drivers. This is the motivation for us to continue bringing this non-profit campaign to Dak Lak and other provinces across the country, contributing to worry-free for drivers behind the wheels and drive home safe with Bridgestone.”

Hundreds of reflective sets, millions of miles with joy

According to the Transport Ministry statistics in 2015, ⅔ truck drivers often drive overnight. In Dak Lak only, in the past 6 months, over 65% traffic accidents occurred at night.

Traffic through Dak Lak is rather convenient thanks to arterial roads connecting the Central Highlands with the Southeast and the Central Coast by Highway 14, 26, 27. This route owns lots of sinuous roads, together with low vision, foggy weather, etc. Bridgestone realizes that providing reflective device becomes urgent and neccessary to prevent traffic accident.

The high quality refective set valued at VND 500,00. The reflection level is as high as traffic sign, helping vehicles be easily identified even in heavy rain, foggy weather or darkness. The reflective set was sticked on the front, rear and two sides of trucks and buses or at any position that might be seen.

According to Vietnam General Statistics, more than 50 million tons of goods are transported every year, mainly by truck. All over the country, 700,000 trucks are operating day and night transporting over 100,000 tons of goods everyday to promptly meet demand of consumption, production and trading of 92 million people. Behind the shelves which are fulfilled with goods is hundreds of difficuties of truck drivers.

Poor working condition, mainly driving at night, drivers are also, constantly, lack of sleep and live far away from their family. Actually, truck drivers are usually mentioned like a “monster” due to careless passing, accident cause. While, in fact,  trucks play a role like a blood vessel of society, helping the Vietnam’s economy moving forward.

Harsh working condition but only a moment of reckless driving can cause many serious consequences. No matter what it is objective or subjective factor, drivers have to suffer a lot from any accident. Not many people can understand that living far away from family is also a challenge to drivers.

“Driving is not only a tough job both physically and mentally, we also receive a lot of prejudice from society. It’s bitter when not many people understand our difficuties. I feel happy when there’s a company listening to our sharing, moreover, equiping us with reflective set to set our minds at rest on roads, and to drive home safe”, Mr. Tran Thien Hoa, driver of North - South route shared.

Sending letters, firmly long drives 

Through this event, Bridgestone also organizes the writing campaign “Drive home safe, Dad!”. The contest is open to all students, who have relatives working as drivers. Bridgestone hopes the letters will be the motivation for every driver to start a new day with to have a 4-right journey: use the right lane, park at the right stop bar, drive at right speed, carry the right weight and above all  driving home safe.

There will be 1 winning prize valued at VND 20 million, 1 second prize of VND 5 million and 10 third prizes of VND 1 million. The writing campaign lasts until 30 October 2016. Email is sent to or Bridgestone Vietnam, Floor 9, Bao Viet Building, 233 Dong Khoi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Tin Nghia Fleetpoint view in the event day Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao – Vice President of Tin Nghia Company Limited gave the sticker kit for the first driver
Bridgestone’s supporters put the stickers on
vehicles for the drivers
The high quality refective set valued at VND 500,00. The reflection level is as high as traffic sign, helping vehicles be easily identified even in heavy rain, foggy weather or darkness

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