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Test results prove ECOPIA tyres offer over 9% better fuel savings compared to competing products. Ho Chi Minh City, 19/01/2015 – Bridgestone Viet Nam officially announce that Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., wholly owned subsidiary of the world’s largest tyre and rubber company Bridgestone Corporation, recently demonstrated ECOPIA tyres’ fuel-saving claims in real-world driving conditions through tests conducted in Indonesia and Myanmar. Data collected from the test showed that ECOPIA offered more than 9% improved fuel efficiency when compared to other brand’s normal and low-rolling resistance tyres. The ECOPIA tyre models used in the tests were EP150 and EP200.

EP150 was put through its paces in a nine-day 1,700 km round trip across Java Island in Indonesia, while EP200 was tested in Myanmar for a 140 km round trip from Yangon to Phayargyi. Both tests were conducted using professional drivers in three same-condition vehicles – one fitted with ECOPIA tyres and the other two with different sets of tyres. Key measurement factors such as fuel efficiency, tyre pressure and distance covered by each vehicle were monitored using equipment such as a kiwi meter, tyre pressure gauge and GPS tracker.

Compared against tyres from other brands, EP150 offered 9% to 12% better fuel efficiency. EP200 offered up to 16.4% better fuel efficiency, which equates to savings of one full tank of fuel for every 6 to 12 tanks of fuel used. The test conclusively demonstrated that vehicles equipped with ECOPIA tyres can bring considerable savings for drivers.

Bridgestone’s ECOPIA range of tyres strikes a balance between fuel efficiency, safety and durability. The Original Equipment (OE) approved fitment tyre EP150 is manufactured with the ECOPIA compound, to achieve low rolling resistance and provide eco-saving benefits. In addition, its tread design features rib-linked blocks that enables uniform ground contact when braking, enhancing stopping power in both dry and wet conditions. Paired with a 3D block shape that minimises block surface lift-off, EP150 brings greater safety to its users.

EP200 uses ECOPIA compound, which utilises NANO PRO-TECH™ II technology that uses Silica more effectively, improving rolling resistance by reducing heat generation and energy loss. It also employs the latest technologies in its tread design, where leaf-shaped blocks feature both high-angle lug grooves that aid in inhibiting block deformation, as well as a reversed Z-shaped design that stabilizes ground contact.

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Results may vary in different usage conditions. Tyres used in Indonesia were EP150 185/70R14 size fitted on to Toyota Avanza. Tyres used in Myanmar were EP200 185/65R14 size, fitted onto Honda Fit (2008 model).

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