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Ho Chi Minh City (3rd May 2017), Bridgestone Viet Nam conducted the premium promotion for customers who purchase two Bridgestone Turanza GR100 tires will receive a luxury travel valise from 1st May – 30th June 2017. This special promotion of Turanza GR100 brings "first-class comfort" to customers to be ready for summer trips.

Being well-known for its quality as well as customer insight understanding, Bridgestone has produced a wide range of tires that suit varying needs of customers, extending the options when customers need to replace or upgrade their tires in accordance to actual need such as sport tires, environment-friendly tires to save fuel.

Turanza GR100 is the most advanced tire, specially designed with integrated advanced technology of Bridgestone, bringing comfortable feeling, confidence behind the wheel. This tire is suitable for families which have children or often travel in long journeys.

The smoothness – exclusive quality of Turanza GR100

Bridgestone tires are popular not only for their durability but for their superior smoothness. Some customers mistakenly believe that the smoothness of the tire comes from soft rubber material. However, tire smoothness depends very much on the noise reducing technology in tire surface.

Turanza GR100 has an asymmetrical tire side to reduce horizontal vibration, 3D diamond pattern to minimize noise. In addition, the "Helmholtz 3D Resonance" technology allows tires to distribute air pressure contributing to noise reduction. The square tire shoulder design helps keep car running smoothly and minimize uneven wear.

Revolutionary technology and subtle detailing make the Turanza GR100 tire an optimum choice for luxury cars.

In particular, luxury cars are usually equipped with high-end audio system. With the smoothness of Turanza GR100 tire, passengers can enjoy the quiet interior space to listen to the most subtle sound notes.

All Turanza GR100 tires are imported from Thailand, Indonesia or Japan (depending on size), and vary from 15 to 20 inches. In particular, all tires of Bridgestone distributed in Vietnam are guaranteed for 7 years from production date, which is also the longest warranty period in Vietnam today.

A premium suitcase gift for your enjoyable summer

To accompany with families in this summer vacation, Bridgestone launches the promotion “Premium Journey” valid from 01 May to 30 June 2017. Customers while purchasing a set of 02 Turanza GR100 will immediately get 01 high quality valise.

The promotion is available at Bridgestone authorized passenger tires dealers nationwide. Customers can click here or call the hotline 1900 545468 to search for the nearest dealers.

Your car is ready with brand new tyres and a premium suitcase is waiting for you to pack. Everything is there for a memorable holiday for you and your family. Have you set your plan?

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