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In the bustle atmosphere before Lunar New Year, Cam Pha City last weekend was even more exciting with the opening event of B-select Hai Anh - the first premium Passenger Car Tire Service Center of the mining city. On this occasion, Bridgestone Vietnam also hold the “Tire Safety” program, aiming to bring peace of mind for car owners in all the journeys in the new year.

A milestone rooted from passion of the youth

B-select Hai Anh is located at No. 36 Le Thanh Nghi Street, Cam Binh Ward, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province, covering the area of over 500m2 and being able to serve 10 cars at the same time. Different from other service centers, B-select is the premium Passenger Car Tire Service Center following the global standards of Bridgestone, the world largest tire manufacturer with modern equipments and facilities.

To B-select Hai Anh, partnering with Bridgestone to upgrade the family’s traditional tire business was an important milestone, which was the fruitful result of the passion of Mr. Hoang Thanh Hai - 40 years old, Director of B-select Hai Anh. Althoug it is common for young people to pursue their career, bringing new vision and passion to transform a long-established family business requires remarkable boldness to overcome tremendous challenges.  

B-select Hai Anh was built up with modern concept, highest level of Bridgestone tire service center, operated by the 2nd Generation – Mr. Hoang Thanh Hai

Joining the tire industry since the 1990s, precursor of B-select Hai Anh, Anh Vu company was officially established in 2007. As the second generation of the tire industry, Mr. Hai has been thinking of different solutions to develop his family business sustainably and to keep up with the market trend. He realised that although Quang Ninh is one of the tourism and trading centers of the country, which leads to the large demand for car maintenance, there had been no professional tire service center in the city that meet international standards. Moreover, thanks to higher income, customers in Quang Ninh also has higher expectation for tehnical skill, quality, service and technology.

When asked about the decision to invest in B-select model, Mr. Hai said: “Quality is a critical element for sustainable development. If you hesitate and do not move forward, you are retrogressive.  This is our strategic step to expand the business and lead the tire service market in Quang Ninh. With the modern B-select, we want to bring customers the best value."

B-select Hải Anh always committed to bring customers the best products and services experience 

Safe journeys in Lunar New Year holiday

Bridgestone is the only tire company in Vietnam to be awarded in the "Top 100 Sustainable Businesses 2017”. This honors Bridgestone’s contribution to the community following its mission of "Serving Society with Superior Quality". After the success in many cities across the country, “Tire Safety” program was introduced to Cam Pha City on the opening occasion of the first B-select in this area last week.

The decision to run the event before Tet holiday reflected the dedication and good customer insight of Bridgestone. During this period, due to high transportation needs both for work and for leisure, car owners particularly pay attention to car care and maintenance. In addition, a well-maintained car is also regarded as a good begining and peace of mind for the journeys with the family during the new year holiday.

In the event, Bridgestone and its partners deployed comprehensive examination including tires, lubricants and batteries for more than 100 cars. Besides the basic check in tire pressure, tire block and gauge to ensure that tires are functioning well, Bridgestone also provided the car owners with important skills to proactively and safely troubleshoot unexpected on-road incidents. Furthermore, customers participating in the program also received attractive inititatives: A free tire for any purchase of 3 tires of the same type, a 50% off for wheel alignment service and a gift set valued up to VND 2 million.

The introduction of B-select model in Quang Ninh has set the higher standards for the local tire service and in general for the car care industry. We hope that through their real experience at ‘Tire Safety’ program, car owners will think of B-select Hai Anh as a reliable choice for car care service before each journey. This event is also the wish from Bridgestone to its customers for ‘A good start and a whole lucky year”, said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Dung – Bridgestone Vietnam Planning & Marketing Manager.

Some photos of the event:

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