From 15th to 30th April 2018, customers can receive 300,000VND tire service fee when buying 02 Turanza GR100 tires at B-select and B-shop nationwide network.

From 15th to 30th April 2018, customers can receive 300,000VND tire service fee when buying 02 Turanza GR100 tires at B-select and B-shop nationwide network.
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Drive more comfortably with Bridgestone

When driving, you might encounter lots of problems such as heavy, vibrating strangely, off center steering wheel, inefficient fuel consumption, unevenly worn or shaking tires which are called misaligned wheel in specialized terminology. These signals indicate the time for tire check and adjustment.

There are many reasons causing the variance of tire angles. One of them is related to driving habits as driving through potholes and obstacles at high speed, or driving or parking on uneven pavement frequently. In addition, unregular maintenance is also one of the reason.

Misaligned wheel does not usually lead to serious consequence immediately, which makes drivers subjective. However, in long journeys, it creates driver’s tireness due to excessive effort to control steering wheel. Under night driving conditions or on the highway, unstable steering system results in danger or even crash. Moreover, this is also the cause of irregular tread wear, higher fuel consumption.

To solve these problems, the vehicle needs to be accurately checked and repaired by modern equipment like wheel alignment and balancing machines. With industry expertise and a high- tech focusing on customer care, Bridgestone has fitted up the most advanced machines in all nationwide B-select and B-shop Tire Service Center network, ensuring consistent and standard process.

On the users side, vehicle manufacturers recommend owner to actively have tires checked and aligned every 10,000 km to timely detect and adjust the deviation. This will help prevent the vehicle performing differently from manufacturer's optimized design.

Best tires, smooth journey

In order to provide customers with the qualified car care, safety and comfort for the upcoming Reunification holiday, Bridgestone offers an attractive promotion: Buy 02 Turanza GR100 tires, get 300,000VND tire service fee in all B-select and B-shop Tire Care Service Center nationwide.

Turanza GR100 is Bridgestone's top-of- the-line tire in the Vietnam market, with superior noise reducing ability offering smoothness and quietness even on wet or dry road condition, which is tested practically. This feature is due to 3D Diamond pattern and Helmholtz 3D Resonance technology. The rounded, square tire tread design helps decrease vibration at the contacting points with the road surface, diminishing the noise that transfers into the cockpit.

Customers need to register at website: Then, a promotion code will be sent to customers’ mobile number immediately. This code can be used in B-select and B-shop Tire Care Service Centers nationwide to get 300,000 VND tire service fee. More information can be available at Bridgestone hotline 1900 54 54 68.

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Bridgestone Vietnam Ltd, Co. is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation - the largest tire manufacturer in the world. Its products are sold in over 150 nations and territories around the world.