From 10 to 25 July 2017, Bridgestone launches a special promotion for SUV, CUV and pick-up owners.

From 10 to 25 July 2017, Bridgestone launches a special promotion for SUV, CUV and pick-up owners.

Special promotion program “With Dueler, you are the master of the rain” with Dueler tire

Widely known as the world largest tire company providing high quality tires with good understanding of its customers, Bridgestone has been continuing offering practical promotion programs to the markets.

To ensure our customers have fulfilling journeys in the rainy season, Bridgestone introduces the promotion “With Dueler, you are the master of the rain”. In details, when purchasing one Dueler tire, customers will get the premium gift package from Bridgestone including an upside-down umbrella and a safety reflective sticker.

Besides offered an upside-down umbrella, customers also have chance to get a reflective sticker with meaningful message

The upside-down umbrella makes it easy to open and close when getting into or out of the vehicles and at the same time preventing raindrop in the cabin thanks to its reversed design.

Especially, to increase safety awareness of drivers and help them better handle unexpected situations while driving at night, Bridgestone has designed a set of reflective stickers, carrying the Tire Safety message. These reflective stickers are made of high quality materials, reflecting the light to increase the visibility of the objects, which, therefore, facilitating a safe driving in light insufficient conditions.

In summary, the promotion program covers:

- Promotion period: 10-25 July 2017

- Applied product: genuined Dueler tires imported by Bridgestone

- Promotion gift set for 1 Dueler tire purchase: 01 upside-down umbrella and 01 reflective safety sticker.

- Applied dealers: All B-select and B-shop throughout Vietnam.

Dueler tire - The second-to-none choice for multi-purpose vehicles

Currently in the market, there are three tire options for SUV and pick-up vehicles according to three types of terrain: Mud terrain M/T, highway terrain H/T and all terrain A/T.

Among these tires, Dueler tire by Bridgestone is well-known for a good balance between the durability and comfort and flexible handling in all weather conditions.

Dueler MT is specially designed for intense off roads. Standing out of its range are “Off-road King” Dueler M/T 673 and Dueler M/T 674 with large and strong 3D treads for excellent grip on muddy and rocky surfaces.

Dueler M/T has modern 3D pattern to reduce the tire wear and increase durability. Its M/T composition protects the tire from scratches caused by rocky trails, reduce the worn-out at different points on the tires evenly, and therefore enhance the tire life.

For urban drive, Dueler H/T is an ultimate option for both dry and wet roads. The perfect tire tread, which is not too soft nor too hard, enhances the grip and at the same time offers a smooth, safe and stable driving experience on paved roads.

In the H tire range, Bridgestone offers the most options varied from premium H/P tires for dynamic sporty experience and the H/L tires designed for luxury sport vehicles for comfort experience. Made of special silica composition, these H tires of Bridgestone possess an outstanding griping ability notably at cornering.

While H/T and M/T are specifically designed for certain terrains, A/T is a good balance of both on and off road. Dueler A/T enables a strong grip and stable handling for the driver and simultaneously offers a smooth and comfortable experience for passengers.

Its functionality in all terrains makes Dueler the favorite option for popular SUV and pick-up vehicles in Vietnam like Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Everest, Subaru Forester, Nissan Navara, Land Cruiser, Infiniti.

Dueler tire varies from 15 inch to 22 inch and are imported from Thailand, Indonesia and Japan.

For more information of promotion “With Dueler, you are the master of the rain”, please contact Bridgestone hotline at 1900 54 54 68 or access on website www.bridgestone.com.vn

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