Cars and trucks maintenance is a necessary factor that the owners and the drivers should pay attention to. Let's take a look at the article to better understand the details of maintenance, important timelines as well as maintenance procedures. Besides, there should be a consideration when choosing a maintenance location, cost as well as updating the truck tire price list for replacing or repairing.

1. Why do you need to maintain your truck?

The truck needs maintenance if you want it to be in the best condition, the highest efficiency when driving, and to prolong the life and durability of engines. Regular maintenance makes it easier to detect vehicle failures early and promptly repair and replace them. It also helps the truck owners and drivers save a lot of money because when the engine is damaged or seriously damaged, the cost of replacement is much greater than the maintenance cost. Maintenance service price list, truck tire price list, spare part price list, and periodic maintenance timelines are important factors that the drivers need to pay attention to.


The truck tire is a factor to pay attention to in truck maintenance

2. Truck maintenance items:

Items and spare parts of the truck need to be checked and maintained after a period of travel, or when it has some signs of wear or damage. The owners or the drivers also need to pay attention to the maintenance schedule in kilometers if the car is in continuous operation, the wear and tear process is faster than expected.

Maintenance items are divided into the following major groups and systems: 

Air cleaner system:

The air cleaner system will often get dusty and clogged after moving outdoors in hours, especially in dusty areas. Normally, after 30,000 km, the system should be cleaned and refreshed to ensure the system's performance as well as to ensure the safety and health of people on truck.

Cooling system:

The cooling system needs to be cleaned every 3 years, including the exhaust manifold. For many years, the cooling system will release substances harmful to the driver and lead to rust in the exhaust manifold, so it should be cleaned carefully.

Brake system:

The brake system is a factor that needs attention because it affects the safety of driving. In case of some bad signs such as the longer braking distance, car brakes are not as sensitive as before, it is time for your truck to go for maintenance immediately to change brake fluid or replace the brakes. This will ensure your safety, avoid dangerous accidents due to reducing braking efficiency.

Drivetrain system:

The drivers and the owners should pay attention or talk to staff during maintenance about changing engine oil, manual and auto transmission fluid after the vehicle is driven from 5,000 to 10,000 km. The less active the car, the sooner the oil should be changed because the oil and car fluid are dry faster. When maintaining, the driver should choose a suitable oil for the engine and truck model.

Steering system:

For the steering system, the specific thing to do is to replace the tires, and the tire rotation needs to be done after the first 10,000km of driving.

The transmission belt is the part that coordinates the activities inside and outside the engine which is easily affected by the heat, causing dryness, breakage, and cracking, you need to pay attention to this when maintaining.

Other spare parts of the electrical system such as spark plugs, power steering system, lighting system, etc. should be carefully checked after 40,000 km. Maintenance staff can also check the brake box, refill and change the coolant and glass cleaner if necessary. The driver should ask the maintenance staff to check the detailed items when taking services or maintenances at the garage.

3. Maintenance cost:

Usually, when the drivers use the services associated with the vehicle manufacturer or spare parts supplies manufacture, they will be able to save costs through preferential service packages. However, the cost of maintenance depends on the extent of damage, and the price of spare parts in case of replacement. The drivers and the owners should actively update the price list of spare parts, truck tires price list, maintenance service costs at the company or garages in their area to be easier to choose a periodic service or repai.

4. Truck maintenance methods and procedures:

Bridgestone truck and bus tires

Truck maintenance steps that the drivers need to know when the truck is taken for maintenance: First, the mechanic will check and change the oil filter of the truck. Then they will be checked the engine air cleaner system, and cleaned the air conditioner filter. Brakes are the next part to pay attention to, after which the maintenance technician will switch to other operations such as changing the coolant ...

5. Should be maintained at the dealer or the garage?

Maintenance at the dealer or the garage has advantages and disadvantages that the drivers or the owners should find out in advance to make the right choice for the type of vehicle, cost, and location.

The maintenance at the dealer will ensure the quality of spare parts and engines because all are genuine products. The mechanics and specialists at the dealer have a better understanding and experience of the dealer's vehicles and models. However, the cost of maintenance, truck tire price list at the dealer is often higher than outside services.

If the driver or the owner prioritizes low cost and flexibility, fast maintenance time, then the garage could be a great choice for the above expectations. However, there is a certain level of risk regarding the suitability of engines and spare parts for each car manufacturer.

Maintenance services at the dealer from Bridgestone provide modern equipment, reasonable cost, truck tire price list, spare part price list, repair, and replacement costs are updated regularly to create safety customer center. 

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