5 must-know steps for the drivers to choose the truck tires


Choosing the good, quality truck tires is like having a reliable travel companion. When it's time to replace the truck tires or choose spare tires for your truck, the following 5 must-know steps will be helpful for all drivers.

1.     Determine when to replace new tires:

The truck tires need to be maintained or replaced after more than 5 years. Especially for trucks with heavy travel frequency or large loads, the tires will be under pressure and wear the most quickly because of direct and continuous friction with the road surface. Sometimes the drivers need to replace the tires when there is a change in climate from slippery to heating, from normal, smooth roads to rocky, rough terrain. The drivers should know the route as well as the requirements, parameters of the truck tires, and when to replace the new tires, this not only ensures the safety of the whole trip but also provides a comfortable driving experience, with the ultimate in driving performance and precision.

2.     Searching for information on the truck tires:

Currently, it is not too difficult to find full information on tire types. Via the internet or looking for familiar truck tire distribution locations, the drivers can be provided with the most fulfilled and detailed information on tire types according to different vehicle lines, trends, production or innovation technology for the latest tire products. This is also the step to find out the price of each tire type and balance the costs while still maximizing the performance and benefits.

3.     Choose the suitable tires for the terrain:

The truck tires are also manufactured to suit different terrains. The drivers should determine the type of terrain, the most traveled road and choose the corresponding tire, such as rough terrain should choose a hard tire with thorny tread; vehicles driven in the wet rainy season need to choose the tires with high traction ability; if traveling on normal roads, prepare a type with smooth tread. Some tires combine many superior features suitable for many types of terrain, which are also an economical and optimal choice.

The truck tires also have many types suitable for each type of terrain

4.     Choosing the fuel-efficient tires:

The fuel-efficient tires are currently launched by major brands. This not only enriches products, helps the drivers reduce a significant amount of fuel spending in the long run, but also helps to limit environmental pollution, catch up with current sustainable production and business trends. The drivers should update this factor in addition to other required features such as tire noise, braking performance, and truck tires life.

Bridgestone is famous for tires' performance and innovation

5.     Choose the truck tires with an extensive garage and maintenance system:

Finding a place to repair or replace the tires immediately is a common trouble for the drivers when having problems while traveling. The drivers cannot find the garage system and maintenance addresses are too few and not on the regular travel route. Tire brand with garage system, widely distributed maintenance location is a point to consider when choosing the truck tires. In addition, tire brands often have certain support programs for the loyal customers, so the drivers should not forget to save contact information with familiar maintenance addresses.

Typically, the Diamond Warranty program for Bridgestone passenger tires from January 01, 2021 to December 31, 2021, applies to genuine tire products such as radial tires (LSR1), Firestone passenger tires, Techno products manufactured in 2019, 2020.

The program is activated via text message as soon as a new tire is replaced through the distributors or the consumers can access the system via the link below for more details and supported by Bridgestone experts.