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Tires Knowledge

Know your tires

A car simply is not going to go anywhere without tires, but yet tires are often the most neglected parts of a car. Choosing a good tire, and keeping it in good shape is critical to your safety on the road. You will be helping yourself in a big way by taking a little time to understand tires, and how to keep them in good working order.

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Understanding universal tire markings can help you to know a tire better and also to choose a suitable one when the need arises*:

1. 205: Width in mm of the tire from sidewall to sidewall.

2. 55: Aspect ratio or Series indicates the height of tire sidewall measured as a percentage of its width. 55 or simply 55 Series would be 55% of 205mm (+112.75mm).

3. R: Radial construction, the most common among passenger car tires today.

4. 16: Diameter in inches of the rim that the tire is designed to fit on.

5. 91: Load index (Li) indicating the maximum load the tire is designed to withstand. A 91 Li indicates a maximum load of 615kg.

6. V: Speed Symbol (SS). All tires have this speed rating letter including maximum speed the tire can sustain without losing control or bursting. 'H' is most common, with 'V' and 'z' indicating high speed performance.